Security BSides Athens 2022

Security BSides Athens was held in Athens on:
Saturday, 25/Jun/2022

Where it happen

Security BSides Athens 2022 took place at:
ViOS Co-working

Our volunteers for 2022

Volunteers are vital for the event! We are looking for volunteers who would like to help with the event at the organisation level and on the day of the conference.

The organisers are also volunteers who believe in having such an international community-based conference in Athens.

If you believe you could help us put the event together or give us a hand on the day, do not hesitate to contact us: our volunteers' email:
(staff |@| bsidesath |.| gr)

Join Us

Get Involved with Security BSides Athens! You can sponsor the event, help out on the day as a volunteer, present at the conference, attend talks and workshops, participate in competitions and most importantly, enjoy the day and have fun. Participate, network, learn, interact and share ideas with security minded people from all over the world. #BSidesAth


A big Thank You to our sponsors for reaching out to us to support Security BSides Athens 2022. As we already mentioned during the LIVE Stream, the cost for the virtual event streamed through Youtube was significant lower than a hybrid or an in-person event. As such we decided to do the honest thing and not accept any sponsorships for this year.

All sponsors are more than welcome to reach out to us and sponsor the next event.

How to become a sponsor

Supporting Partner


We are very excited to have OWASP onboard as a supporting partner. A special Thank You to OWASP London Chapter for the support.


👩‍🔬 We present you the elements that form our community bonds, the pieces of the puzzle 🧩, the riddle behind each clue 🕵🏻‍♂️, hiding in plain sight 🙈!

Oh.. and by the way.. the t-shirt has indeed a hidden message written in plain sight! 🤫🤓🙀😎

#BSidesAth #Hacker #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #LimitedEdition

Special Mention


An honour to have ENISA (EU CyberSecurity Agency) supporting Security BSides Athens, as one of its key mission objectives is raising awareness to EU citizens on cybersecurity matters. ENISA enhances and strengthens Member States capability and preparedness to prevent, detect and respond to network and information security problems and incidents. A special mention and a big Thank You to ENISA for the support.

Community support

If you wish to support Security BSides Athens contact us. Community sponsors are always welcome.




Our Speakers for 2022

You can see all talks by pressing the YouTube logo on the right of each speaker!

Intro video   |   Welcome video

Speaker Brian Contos

Cameras, CACs & Clocks: Enterprise IoT Security Sucks - A Story of Two Million Interrogated Devices

Speaker Christina Skouloudi

Team Europe & the International Cybersecurity Challenge

Speaker G. Tsigourakos, K. Solomidou
& J. Torakis

Tales from the DevSecOps world - a SIEM completely «as-Code»

Speaker Nikolaos Vourdas


Speaker A. Sinno & W. Stinkens

Lessons learned in automating the incident Life-Cycle

Speaker Ignatios

API Security Testing Automation: A story of shifting left

Speakers Konstantina Koukou

Stay Safe and Trust Noone!

Speaker Leonidas Tsaousis

Baby, Don't Forget My Number - OSINT using your phone's address book

Speaker Argy Makrygeorgou

Vulnerable No More: Protect 3v3ryth1ng incl.

Speaker Tapendra Dev

Future of Application Security

Speakers George Karantzas and Assosiate Prof. C. Patsakis

Phishing With Phineas (Again) Hack Recreation On Steroids

Speaker Dave Lewis

Security Debt, Running with Scissors

Speaker Rodolpho Concurde (ROd0X) (Workshop)

From SEH Overwrite with Egg Hunter to GEt a Shell!

Guest talk Speaker Sam Stepanyan

OWASP Nettacker Project Presentation


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